Justin Nevill

Architectural Engineering Student at The University of Texas at Austin


Highrise | 551 Bowie St

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Highrise | 551 Bowie St

This multi-use high rise is the culmination of my third-year design studio in Architectural Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

My two team mates and I began working on this project in February and completed the project a the end of April. The images on this and the compiled document below represent our final product: a graphical representation of the project in the development phase.

For this project I assumed the role of architect (we are a team composed entirely of engineering students and someone needed to be responsible for the aesthetic design). My team members worked specifically on structural design and HVAC design.

The architectural design is intended to be responsive to the site. A Capitol view corridor covers about two-thirds of the site, limiting the height of construction to about sixty feet. Only the corner at 6th Street and Bowie Street is legally open to development of a taller building. My design incorporates this restriction as a design element, folding the tower above the triangular building pad into a shape that is unique and stimulating from multiple perspectives. It is my hope that this design would add to the skyline in a way that benefits the entire community.

The building is divided into multiple logical units. The bottom two stories (plus basement) on the 6th Street side are designated for retail, the remainder of the ground floor is divided between lobby space for the leased office space, and separate lobby space for the residences, including a private lobby for the south tower where the elevators open directly into individual residences. The remainder of the second floor and all of the third floor are reserved for leased office space. The fourth floor is occupied by residential amenities and connects to the 35,700-square-foot terrace that extends above the parking garage, offering views of downtown, the Capitol dome, and Lady Bird Lake.

The fifth through 32nd floor are occupied by residences that surround a 335-foot tall atrium that extends from the lounge on the fourth floor to the glazed curtain system above. The residences include a wide variety of floorplans to encourage a vibrant community.

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